Snuggle Animals | Grades K-2 | Feb 11

Snuggle Animals | Grades K-2 | Feb 11

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Snuggle Animals! 1 day

Grades K – 2

Thursday, Feb 11, 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Are you yearning for the quarantine puppy you never got? Or are you staring lovingly at your quarantine puppy right now, and thinking that it deserves its own stuffed puppy friend? Regardless of your quarantine puppy status, you will surely enjoy this workshop. Students will make their own stuffed animals (not just puppies) from common household items such as (you guessed it) socks!

No sewing is required for these fluffy friends!

Tuition: $20 ($17 members)

Instructor: Eva Adderley

Supplies needed: 

∙    two socks  

∙    rubber bands, hair ties, or pipe cleaners

∙    scissors

∙    stuffing/batting – such as cotton balls, shredded cloth. paper towels, etc.

∙    markers