Learn about Online Classes by Articulture

Learn about Online Classes by Articulture

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Online Classes are open for enrollment!


We at Articulture are passionate about maintaining our mission of empowering individuals through the process of creating art during these troublesome and unfamiliar times. Most importantly, we want to make sure our resources are safely accessible to you in your place of comfort for you and your family.

After much preparation and creative adaptations, we are excited to open our online virtual art summer camps for enrollment! We staff, with the help and input form our wonderful teaching artists, have managed to keep the majority our original summer camps for youth and teens. They will take place virtually through the Google Hangouts platform. These camp themes include Repurposed Art, Printmaking, Animal Art, Artful Cooking, teen Portfolio Building, and much more!

Even online we continue to be committed to arts education that instills the fundamentals of personal expression through the creative process, which is the essence of artmaking - where the product is an outcome of that creative spark.

Here is what you need to know about our virtual camps:

- Registration is just like regular class registrations through our website

- Tuition has been lowered to account for cost of materials and shortened camp times

- After registering, you will receive an emailed invitation for the camps

- A self-provided computer or smart device will be necessary to join the daily camps

- Students and families will have a list of supplies needed for each camp

- Teachers will be hosting the camps from their homes or studios

- Camps are still weekly, all children's and will all take place in the  mornings

- Classes for students PreK to grade 2 will be 1 hour

- Classes older elementary and teen camps will be 1.5 hours long 

- Camps for children will all start at 9:00 am, teen camps will start at noon
- Some camps may require adult supervision depending on student and/or skill level

- If adjustments need to be made as the summer progresses, we will keep you posted

- Refund Policy will be the same as stated on our website

We at Articulture miss you so much, meanwhile, ou r teachers are really excited to work with all our students again! Please visit the homepage of our website to see the exciting changes we have made to make these camps available to you. Please email info@articulture.org with any questions or concerns about the camps, supplies, or schedules.

We are also converting our adult classes to virtual learning and are getting them ready for enrollment as well.
Please email info@articulture.org with questions or concerns.