Virtual Hardcover Journals | Tuesdays, April 13 & 20

Virtual Hardcover Journals | Tuesdays, April 13 & 20

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Hardcover Journals 2 weeks
Tuesdays, Apr 13 & 20

7:00 - 9:00 pm
There's never a wrong time to keep a journal—
and right now seems better than ever! What
better way to keep your thoughts, doodles,
and mental meanderings safe than putting
them inside a creative journal? You will learn
to adapt professional bookbinding techniques
and DIY strategies to create your own unique
hardcover journal.

Tuition: $40 ($34 members)
Instructor: Eva Adderley

- After registering, you will receive an emailed invitation for the camps

- A self-provided computer or smart device will be necessary to join the daily camps

- Students and families will have a list of supplies needed for each camp

- Teachers will be hosting the camps from their homes or studios