Creative Multiples | June 15 - 19 | Grades 3 - 6

Creative Multiples | June 15 - 19 | Grades 3 - 6

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Creative Multiples
June 15 - 19

Grades 3 - 6

Time: 9AM-10:30AM

Printmaking is an intriguing artform with many different variations. What's cool is that you get to make more than just one original picture!

$192.25 for members

$225 for non-members

Supply List:

·         Black Speedball block print ink – available at any art store

          o    make sure it is the nontoxic water-based kind!

·        Brayer -The speedball ones work great, and are on the cheaper end

·        A small sheet of plexiglass to roll out your ink and to paint directly on

          o    This can also be done on a sheet of wood, cardboard, glass, or something with a little weight that is totally flat, glossy and smooth

·        Cardboard, styrofoam, or foam board – nothing bigger than 8.5x11” is necessary

         o    We will be making prints/stamps out of these, so it is best if they are flat, and you have a good amount on hand

         o    Regular packaging cardboards works great

·        Paper – lots of it! We are printmaking, which means we will be making many copies/variations of your art. Smooth, wet media paper is best

         o    Cardstock or any other thicker paper that can absorb wet media should work just fine

         o    Plan enough for at least 3 days of printmaking. Expect to make anywhere from 5-10 prints a day

         o    If good printing paper is wanted: Subi block printing paper or black ink mulberry are best – packs can be found at most art stores 

·        Liquid tempera paints – whatever colors you want

·        Paint brushes – a variety of sizes is best, but use whatever you have

·        Scissors

·        Drawing Materials

         o    Graphite Pencil (not mechanical)

         o    Colored pencils, crayons, oil pastels, markers, etc – any coloring material will work

·        Cup of water for brushes

·        Newspaper or something to cover your workspace with

·        Glue - normal school glue

·        Wooden spoon to press our prints

         o    If you don’t have this, you can just use your hands, it will just be a little trickier

·        Watercolor paints – any kind will work just fine.