Bird Puppets | Grades K-2 | Feb 18

Bird Puppets | Grades K-2 | Feb 18

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Bird Puppets 1 day

Grades K – 2

Thursday, Feb 18, 4:30 - 6:30 pm

Online schooling got you feeling like a caged bird? Make your dreams of flying away (almost) come true by making your own flapping bird puppet! Though this is an online workshop, it is sure to lead to hours of offline fun. It’s perfect for stir-crazy kids missing both art and gym classes, since these bird puppets are best enjoyed while running around!

Tuition: $20 ($17 members)

Instructor: Eva Adderley

Supplies needed: 

∙    paper

∙    coloring supplies

∙    tape

∙    scissors

∙    chop stick, dowel, popsicle stick, pencil, or natural stick