Architectural Designs | July 20 - 24 | Grades 3-6

Architectural Designs | July 20 - 24 | Grades 3-6

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Architectural Designs
July 20 - 24 

Grades 3 - 6

Time: 9AM-10:30AM

Architects are constantly designing new spaces where we live, work, and play. Let's imagine and design our own room, house, or playground!

$192.25 for members

$225 for non-members

Supply List:

· Paper

  o About 25 sheets – copy paper or recycled paper will work

· Drawing materials

  o Pencil, pens, sharpie, colored pencils, markers – whatever you like to draw with

· Eraser

· Stack of cardboard – any type will work

  o At least 5 pieces that are 9x12” or larger

  o At least 10 pieces that are smaller than 9x12”

· Scissors

· Glue stick or Masking tape

· Piece of styrofoam

  o Thin styrofoam is best – disposable plate or clean meat packaging tray

· Washable markers – (must be washable not permanent marker)

· Sponge and cup of water

· Sculptural odds and ends

  o Corks, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, are all great choices.

· Decorative materials for cardboard

  o Paint, colored paper and glue, markers. – whatever you have at home!

· Optional Tools – depending on student’s age and experience

  o Box Cutter or X-Acto Knife

  o Hot Glue Gun