Learn and grow with Articulture!

We are committed to creating meaningful experiences for volunteers. If there is something you are interested in doing that is not listed here, don’t hesitate to let us know. We can work together to create an opportunity that will make sense for all of us.

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Depending on the time of year and what’s going on, we may respond right away, or we may wait until the next need you’re interested in helping out with arises to reach out.

Questions? Contact us at info@articulture.org!

(Psst! Depending on the job… We like to thank volunteers in various ways ranging from snacks, to access to art supplies, to free classes.)


Volunteer Gigs:

  • Interested in becoming a board member? We are looking for professionals who are passionate about the value of art and arts education in the community. We are particularly interested in individuals with expertise in marketing and/or experience as an attorney specializing in non-profits. These skill sets are not required, however, to apply to the board. The time commitment is 8-10 hours per month, which includes monthly board meetings.
  • Flier distributors are always needed and so important. Once a quarter, they deliver our class schedules to the public schools – our most effective means of advertising. Best for those with daytime availability and access to a car.
  • Teaching Assistants are a huge help to our instructors during the school year when schools are out and we have art themed day camps. Experience with kids and art is preferred. Since you'll be working with youth, we do require an interview for all teaching assistants. Find the school release dates listed on our class schedule. Shifts are either 8:30am-4:30pm with a one hour break – OR– half days from 8:30am-1pm or 12-4:30pm.
    • We happily trade classes for assistance keeping the space tidy. Cleaning volunteers come in for 2-3 hours on the weekend, twice a month to: dust, mop, vacuum, take out trash, etc. It helps a lot!
    • Social media and digital communications gurus. We have over 1,000 followers on Facebook, over 1,500 on Twitter, and a small Instagram following. If you like social media, we’ll be fun to work with – plenty of room to contribute your own ideas and experiment. We also send out monthly emails, and use a volunteer to write the first draft based on a template. Volunteers should enjoy social media, have experience with art, have a sense of humor, and be excellent and self-organizing. All in all it’s about four hours a month, on your own time, wherever you wish to work. (updated 9/6/16)


    Ongoing Needs:

    Teaching Assistants

    Throughout the year, Articulture builds School Release Days into our calendar. School Release Days are special days where school age kids can come and make art when school in Minneapolis and St. Paul is out. Each day is filled with different activities tied to a theme. We’ve done Myths & Magic School Release Days, for example, where kids make spell books, magic wands, potions and read stories about magical creatures. We also offer week long camps for Winter and Spring break, and End of School camps to cap off the school year with a bang. This is a great opportunity for artists who are interested in learning how to teach can gain some experience while assisting our teachers. Since this is a special volunteer position, an interview will be required. Anyone interested in our summer internship program is especially encouraged to apply! You can also indicate on the volunteer application if you would like to receive notice mid-winter when we open up the internship application process.

    Data Entry Volunteer

    Four times a year we do big updates to our database based on the previous quarters’ registrations. To get started, we ask volunteers to come in for an hour of training. After that, this is a job that can be done from the comfort of your home! It is 2-4 hours of work, and depending on comfort level, can be done through Excel spreadsheet or our WordPress database. This is a great opportunity for anyone who’d like to add “data entry” to their resume!

    Flier Distributor

    Four times a year, we distribute class fliers to the grade schools of South Minneapolis and businesses around the Twin Cities. It’s our biggest, most effective means of advertising our programming. We need people to do this in early Setpember, mid-November, late February, and mid-April. If you’re interested, this job requires a car. It would be a great job to invite a friend to help you with (so someone can run inside, while the other person waits out front and maps out the route to the next school). This is a good activity for pairs and/or groups of people.

    Summer Festival Volunteer

    Summer Festival Volunteers are needed over summer during select weekends in June, July, and August. Festival volunteers can function as an assistant to a teacher and welcome people to our activities table. Projects range from things like finger puppets to amulets to book making! No arts experience necessary for an assistant. Outgoing personality is a must, as volunteers will help promote Articulture and arts education, and (of course) encourage creativity. This is a good activity for groups of people.

    Handy (wo)men & weekend cleaning crew

    There’s always something that needs to be fixed or cleaned around here and our tiny staff often relies on kind volunteer assistance for small projects as well as ongoing ones. If you have an interest in helping us in an ongoing capacity, or just want to be put on a “call list” when something pops up, let us know and we’ll be forever grateful!

    Fundraiser Volunteers

    We usually have one or two fundraising events each year. Volunteers can help with planning, or assist the day of, depending on your interests, skills, and availability.

    Retail Inventory

    How are you with counting? Our retail committee does quarterly inventory around the end of March/June/September/December and always appreciates an extra hand. Time commitment is four hours on a Saturday or Sunday, usually around Noon-4pm. We put on music and coffee. Pretty fun, actually. Interested in being on a call list? Note it on our volunteer application!

    Board Members

    Articulture is seeking volunteer board members to serve on our Board of Directors. We are looking for people with professional experience in the following:

    • Accounting/Finance
    • Legal Affairs
    • Resource Development/Grantwriting
    • Fundraising/Event Planning
    • IT/Web Development

    Board members serve in an advisory capacity as well as assist with organizational management in these areas. Board members are expected to contribute their time, talent, and treasure to the organization. Previous non-profit organization experience is ideal. The time commitment is between 8-10 hours per month including monthly board meeting, monthly committee meetings, and volunteer assistance.

    Committee Members

    We have several volunteer committees, led by board members, that are responsible for creating and implementing plans that are crucial to the organization’s operations. Articulture committees function only by volunteers’ expertise, ideas, and creative energy. See below for a list of committees.

    • Marketing Committee The Marketing Committee is responsible for developing and implementing strategies and tactics to market Articulture’s programs and retail space. This includes the use of creative, low cost, and grassroots efforts to engage the community. Members of the committee help showcase Articulture’s programs in order to build community awareness of the organization, increase program/class registrations and generate retail sales income. Someone without much marketing experience, but a lot of big ideas, is welcome! The time commitment is 5-10 hours per month including monthly meetings and additional volunteering.
    • Development Committee This committee supports the organization through research and application for community, regional, and corporate grant applications to support targeted programming and general operations. Members give input on grant opportunities, review and update application materials in order to tailor them for the specific opportunity, and keep records of applications for annual comparison. The time commitment is 5-10 hours per month including monthly meetings and additional volunteering.
    • Fundraising Committee The Fundraising Committee creates and implements individual campaigns and events as a means to raise money for the organization. The time commitment is 5-10 hours per month including monthly meetings and additional volunteering.
    • Finance Committee This committee serves in a financial advisory capacity to the Executive Director, as well as assists with organizational financial management. The time commitment is 5-10 hours per month including monthly meetings and additional volunteering.