Private Lessons

Articulture offers private lessons for those seeking supplemental arts instruction. Primarily geared towards adults and teens, we also offer private lessons to children whose needs are not being met in the classroom.

We offer private lessons for beginning and intermediate artists who want more individual guidance. We can create a unique curriculum for one-on-one lessons and demonstrations to help with technical skills and artistic development.

We creatively challenge youth who have a serious interest in pursuing visual arts. We can also give rigorous guidance and assistance to teens preparing a portfolio for college admission.

The needs of children up to age 12 can generally be met in our art classes. It is important for children to be exposed to both two- and three-dimensional artmaking and have experiences using a wide variety of art materials to help with cognitive skill building and creative thinking. Class curriculum is based on age in relation to fine motor skills and intellectual development to stimulate minds with a range of creative learning opportunities. Private lessons can be arranged if a child’s needs are not being met in a classroom environment.


To arrange lessons: Please call for a personal consultation. 612.729.5151

Each private lesson session is two hours long at $30 per hour. If lessons are held offsite, there are additional fees: $10 for locations within 10 miles of Articulture, then $1 per each additional mile after that. Supply lists are available upon request.

Note: Payment will be arranged when lessons are booked. If a student needs to reschedule or cancel a lesson, make-ups may be arranged at the discretion of the instructor. If a student requests a lesson be rescheduled, or cancelled, the instructor needs a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. Rescheduling requests and cancellations made fewer than 24 hours in advance result in a $15 fee.

Our administrative offices are closed on the weekends; our hours are Monday through Friday from 11am-6pm.