Connecting the Dots: Arts Education and Child Development

Involving children in creative art activities goes far beyond just being about “art for art’s sake”.

This presentation gives an overview to parents and educators about how the arts affect children in their everyday lives while also increasing their academic performance. Stages of physical and mental growth, brain development, fine motor skills, cognition and creative thinking skills are discussed.

The focus will also on how children perceive artistic achievement, which differs from an adult perspective of what is considered successful. The goal of this presentation is to impart useful knowledge and tools to help you enhance children’s educational and creative experiences and outcomes.

Other lecture topics:

Public Discourse: Using Art for Social Change
Youth work side-by-side with artist educators to create public art that makes a difference.

Essential Needs: What Arts Participation does for the Disenfranchised
Case studies of how participation in the arts can make a difference with vulnerable populations.

Integrating Art into Curriculum
Explores how arts learning enhances academic achievement and discusses ways of incorporating arts education into class curriculum.


For information about lectures, please email Elizabeth Greenbaum, egreenbaum@articulture.org