Art to Table: An Edible Art Fundraiser

A giant thank you to everyone who attended our 2021 Art to Table fundraiser, bid on silent auction items, competed, and donated to support equitable arts education!

Art to Table started as a small seed of an idea and with the cultivation of the Articulture board and staff, we were collectively able to see it grow into a phenomenal in person event! This fundraising event consisted of 6 persons from the community choosing blindly a famous work of art and proceeding to recreate it out of a unique mix of edible ingredients. All in 45 minutes. Everyone had a blast and the edible artwork that was created was stunning (and yummy!)

We just know that second annual Art to Table fundraiser is the fall of 2022 will be even bigger!

"The Kiss", Gustav Klimt: recreated by Ephraim Cruz Eusebio (Modus Locus, owner) 


"Bird", Yayoi Kusama: recreated by Heather Asbury (Heather's, owner)



"Red Hills and Bones", Georgia O'Keefe: recreated by Susannah Belbas (Articulture, artist)


 "Coyote and Crow Story", Rick Bartow: recreated by Erin Sandsmark (Articulture, artist)


"The Scream", Edvard Munch: recreated by Zander Skelton (student, artist)


"Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird", Frida Kahlo: recreated by Zak Sundin (Borough, culinarian) 



Thank you to the following people and businesses that donated to our Art to Table 2021 fundraiser!