Artist Residency Program

Our Artist Residency Program offers integrated approaches to arts and academic learning. Our residencies are designed to meet the goals and objectives of individual schools and classrooms.

Artist residency projects range from enhancing core curriculum skills such as reading, math or science to focusing on cultural awareness through histories in one’s own classroom. Another approach can be the creation of a public work of art such as a mural, mosaic or sculpture. 



Each of our residencies is custom designed to meet the needs of the host school or one class. Residencies can last from five days to a number of months. 

Several different residency groupings are possible:

  • The artist works with a full grade level, where each classroom has equal interaction with the artist.
  • A core group (or groups of students) is identified to work on a specific project.
  • A multi-layered approach is when different classes and/or grades are involved and possibly a core group (or groups) is also chosen to participate.



General goals and objectives for residencies are to:

    • enrich existing art curricula
    • broaden cultural arts experiences and awareness
    • promote art as a process over focus on product
    • encourage creativity and cultivate self-expression
    • expose students to professional artists


For more information about our artist residency program, email